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Did you think you were the only one who could dress to impress? The personalised nameplate allows you to display your dog’s name, as well as your address and contact information to ensure they’ll never get lost. The suave leather used to make this collar will give your pooch a distinctly sophisticated look. 


Key Features:

  • Made with Authentic Cowhide Leather

  • Sturdy Metallic Brass Buckle

  • Engrave Full Address With Contact Information

  • Available Colors:  Black Brown, Red Brown

  • Available Sizes:  S, M, L


It may not be possible to find homes for all the meat trade dogs, but we’re on the right track! 25% of all sales are donated to Korean Jindo rescue operations. 


What are you waiting for? You can’t put a price on your fur babies safety. Make sure they have a way home no matter what happens. 


If you’ve got a minute, check out "The Story of Mochi; Lost and Found", on our blog, to learn how we found our lost Jindo rescue in the middle of the Mojave Desert. 

Classic Leather Collar w/ Address

SKU: 32942899731
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