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Featuring Cuda!

Cuda is like a lot of Jindos we know but his rescue story is a little different, as he was actually rescued in the US! Read our interview with Cuda's family to learn more about his personality. We hope these features are helpful for anyone looking to adopt a Jindo or new Jindo owners that want to know what their Jindo pup may look like in the future.

When did you rescue Cuda and do you have any information on his history?

I rescued Cuda from a local animal shelter that got his mother, who was pregnant at the time, from a puppy farm. I had been in contact with the shelter through a friend that worked there and told them if they ever got any Jindo puppies in for adoption, I would be interested. I was advised that Cuda's mother had given birth to 3 puppies, one of which died at birth, and that the male and female pups were available. We picked up Cuda at 8 weeks old in september, 2017.

Where do you and Cuda live now? Cuda and I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Cuda seems to struggle with the summer weather here but absolutely loves the spring, fall and winter seasons.

What is Cuda's personality like?

Cuda is very expressive with his facial features. It is never a mystery as to what he wants when he makes eye contact with me. Extremely loyal and always looking to me for guidance, except when he is in his hunting mode. Then, he gets in a zone. As long as there are no other dogs around, Cuda can be walked, off leash, in open areas, never venturing more than 20 or 30 yards from me.

Does Cuda have any triggers or trauma based behaviors you're working to overcome?

The only fear that Cuda exhibits is a strong fear of water......absolutely hates baths, or swimming. He will only walk in streams on his own terms and only gets his paws wet, nothing more.

Does Cuda have any tricks / quirks / or unique talents that set him apart?

Cuda is not into playing with toys or any other traditional dog amusements. He is all about hunting. Even when he plays with his husky brother, it will only be play fighting. I don't believe his eyesight is that good. Cuda has exceptional hearing and an off the charts sense of smell, both of which he relies on when he is out hunting moles or chipmunks or squirrels.

What is Cuda's favorite snack?

Cuda is one of the most finicky eaters I have ever seen. He MUST taste everything before he will eat it. If he does not like it, he will not eat it at all. Loves meat in any form. Snacks are a toss up. Sometimes he will eat them, sometimes not.

What's your favorite thing about owning a Jindo?

Jindo's loyalty and independence are tops with me. Not a snuggler, Cuda loves his belly rubs in the morning and loves it when he gets his daily brushing during shedding season.

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