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About Me

Surviving Death

Like many American Jindo dogs, Mochi is a refugee who escaped the butcher knife of a meat market in Korea.  At the time of his rescue, he was found crammed in a small cage with other Jindos soiled in their own excrement.  Lucky for Mochi, a local family dedicated to saving these dogs coordinated his rescue to the US.  

After 3 long months of rehabilitation at Tails to the Wind Animal Rescue, he was united with his forever family.


With so little information on how to help rescued Jindos suffering from PTSD integrate into loving homes, we wanted to share Mochi's journey in hopes that it helps other Jindos, too!

Click below to see Mochi's recovery timeline
Click below for more info on 
Bok Nal and the dog meat trade
korean jindo dog in a cage
A Korean Jindo rescue with PTSD whose journey has inspired the information on this site.
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Featured Jindo Survivors

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